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People, music, energy. Together, we dim the lights, turn up the beats and ride with purpose to break boundaries. Each ride at SpinHouse is set to a carefully curated playlist by your instructor, grounded in our athletic, resistance-based program to achieve a full-body workout. 



Once we close those studio doors, it’s time to get lost in the beat, soak up the positive energy of the room and strengthening your mind, body and soul. Each ride will motivate you in a new way, pushing you to turn up the dial and reach your personal best. Are you ready?


When you walk through those studio doors, you become a part of the SpinHouse Community, the #spinhousesquad. We ride together as one, we support and lift each other up, we cheer each other on, and in the studio, we share our energy. Whether you are here for the cardio, the endorphin dump, the mental release or the fun, one thing for certain is that you will find our community.