The House

A fitness experience like no other. Our ambient spin studio is illuminated with electrifying lights, state-of-the-art bikes and an atmosphere that makes burning calories, building muscle and connecting with friends feel like a party on a bike. Our fully loaded change room facilities will help you to unwind and our Recharge Juice Bar will reward your body with nutrients and the attention it deserves.

Music that moves you

The Ride

Our full body 50 & 60-minute workouts are not a typical spin class. It is a unique cycling experience synced to killer beats with instructors who motivate and inspire you to break through boundaries. In just 50 minutes our signature House Ride transforms the way you look and feel about yourself. You will burn hundreds of calories with this full body workout that incorporates hand weights to tone your arms and shoulders, and moves that work your core.

The Music


The Lights

Our studio is candle lit, creating the ideal ambiance to enter the SpinHouse experience. During each class our 1000 bulb LED lightship takes over and keeps you moving and sweating to the pulsating sound.