Absolutely love this place! I was a spin virgin 9 days ago. I have been 7 out of 9 days in a row. I feel amazing and can already see the change in my body. The staff, instructors and owner is amazing.
~ Sarah MackenzieThe mixture of intensity, fabulous music & sound & lights along with awesome instructors = total exercise satisfaction. It’s actually FUN to work out and I finally understand what an endorphin rush feels like! 50 min goes by in a flash. Perfect addition to my routine.
~ Launi Bowie

Awesome first class today! Love the dark room and lights/candles! So much energy and free spin shoe rentals!
~ Eliza Moreno

I absolutely love SpinHouse! Great music, amazing instructors and phenomenal facility!
~ Jordan Alicandro

Excellent place to burn a ton of calories. Feels like youre biking inside a night club. Everyone is super nice. The place includes everything like shoes towels water station clean showers hair ties hair dryers and more.
~ Sonia M.H

I’ve been to ALL the studios in the lower mainland and have to say Spinhouse has the BEST vibe of them all. Between the ambiance, staff and level of fitness.. you are sure to enjoy it here.
~ Stryker Boats

Great way to get yourself quickly back into working out. High energy, fun and enjoyable!
~ Trevor J

Their customer service is fantastic! They have my experience here so incredibly welcoming and accommodating. It’s because of their generosity that I will continue coming back. Thank you so much for everything you have done to make my experience here memorable. It is so much appreciated and will be something that I will be passing on to others!
~ Taylor Peterson

I can’t think of a better combo. Awesome dance music. Nightclub lights and high intensity work out= totally awesome. Love it!!! And it makes your mind and body feel amazing!
~ Avery Mercier

Such a clean, fun friendly environment! Amazing classes.
~ Sara Carlyle

I’m really happy with spin house . They are great . I finally found some exercise that I really enjoy 😊 . One month of spinning And I can see a lot of changes in my body and mind.
~ Mayra Crupe

Fantastic experience, great instructors and staff, friendly and most importantly, a killer workout that I am addicted to!!!
~ The Smith Strata

Fantastic staff, clean and organized facility, seamless signup app, best instructors.
~ Suzanne Cyr

Such and amazing studio! Amazing instructors, amazing facility and extremely organized.
~ Taylor Lamontagne